NuProbe leverages its portfolio of ultrasensitive molecular technologies and expertise in assay development to partner with diagnostic companies to co-develop new products with improved performances.


NuProbe collaborates with diagnostic companies to provide novel solutions to enhance existing platforms and expand test menus. We have developed proprietary technologies to increase sensitivity and overall sequencing efficiency while fitting into existing workflows.

We work with our industry partners to identify project objectives, establish specifications, and a workplan to introduce technology solutions. NuProbe R&D scientists are experienced in understanding the challenges of integrating novel technologies into established workflows and work collaboratively to optimize the final product. Our bioinformatics experts can design solutions that can be applied to achieve desired user experience.



Licensing and product development agreement: utilizing NuProbe’s Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA) allele enrichment technology, Bio-Rad is developing highly sensitive multiplex ddPCR assays, including new oncology products.


Collaboration: C2i Genomics expands AI-powered cancer detection and monitoring capabilities in US and China through a partnership with NuProbe.


Product development agreement: integrating NuProbe’s Quantitative Amplicon Sequencing (QASeq) and Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA) technologies with Bionano’s Saphyr system for research and product development in the fields of reproductive health and oncology liquid biopsies.

Oxford Nanopore

Licensing agreement: combining Oxford Nanopore’s sequencing technology with NuProbe’s technique to enable greater detection sensitivities and quantification of somatic mutations at less than 5% allele frequency for cancer applications.

Working with NuProbe

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