Blocker Displacement

Rare allele enrichment technology by PCR that enables the selective amplification and detection of low-abundant sequence variants down to 0.01% variant allele frequency (VAF).

Quantitative Amplicon

NGS-based method that utilizes unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) and highly multiplexed partially nested PCR primer design to detect mutations and copy number variations with high sensitivity.

Products & Services

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VarMap® Pan-Cancer NGS Panel

The only liquid biopsy panel to detect 0.1% VAF requiring only 1 million NGS reads


The VarMap Pan-Cancer NGS Panel enables highly sensitive variant detection and quantitation across hundreds of loci in 61 genes. Utilizing BDA technology and next-generation sequencing, the VarMap Pan-Cancer panel significantly improves the limit of detection (≥0.1% VAF) while reducing the number of reads required. The panel is compatible with several sample types, including cell-free DNA, tumor sections, and PBMC DNA.

Key Features

  • Detect SNVs and indels down to 0.1% VAF
  • Requires only 1 million NGS reads per sample
  • Compatible with tumor-derived or cell-free DNA
  • Simple and user-friendly workflow and bioinformatics

CNV+ Breast Cancer NGS Panel

Accurately detect SNVs and indels in 14 genes and CNVs across 18 genes associated with breast cancer


The CNV+ Breast Cancer NGS Panel covers 84 frequently mutated breast cancer hotspots in 14 genes and CNVs of 18 genes including HER2. Using QASeq technology, the CNV+ Breast Cancer NGS Panel accurately quantifies SNVs and indels down to 0.2% VAF and detects CNVs in HER2 at 2.04/1.97 single heterozygous copy gain/loss from cfDNA or tumor tissue.

Key Features

  • Detect SNVs and indels at 0.2% VAF
  • Detect CNVs at 2.04/1.94 ploidy
  • Compatible with tumor-derived or cell-free DNA

VarTrace® MSI Assay

Highly sensitive detection of microsatellite instability in five MSI loci using qPCR.


NuProbe’s VarTrace MSI Assay enables detection of MSI-high (MSI-H) status with a limit of detection down to 1% in five mononucleotide markers (BAT-25, BAT-26, NR-21, NR-24, and MONO-27).

Key Features

  • Matched normal not required
  • Results in less than two hours
  • Compatible with tumor tissue or cell-free DNA
  • Limit of detection down to 1% VAF

VarTrace® qPCR/Sanger Assays

qPCR/Sanger assays to identify variants down to 0.1% VAF


The VarTrace products enable highly sensitive detection and quantification of mutations for cancer patients. The kits use BDA technology and are compatible with a variety of qPCR instruments. Currently available are kits for: AML, BRAF, and EGFR.

Key Features

  • Detect targeted variants down to 0.1% VAF
  • Same-day results
  • Compatible with a variety of instruments

Augury™ Biopharma Services

Custom solutions for your biomarker needs


The Augury Biopharma Services leverage our proprietary technologies to create optimal solutions for your process, across test modalities such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and qPCR. The flexibility of our platform facilitates the design of custom solutions across numerous diseases and applications.

Key Features

  • Solutions for every step, from Research Use Only to clinical trial
  • Assay development and validation, kit manufacturing, and sample testing services
  • Proprietary PCR and NGS technologies compatible with liquid biopsy and tissue samples
  • Best-in-class sensitivity to detect a wide range of alterations

Accelerating Precision Oncology Worldwide

Clinical and Research Laboratories

At NuProbe, we are developing innovative assays to accelerate cancer research. Our products allow laboratories to detect and quantify low-abundant variants across multiple platforms from both cell-free DNA and tissue specimens. Contact us today to learn more.


We provide assay development and testing services to support all stages of biomarker detection programs. Our flexible platform utilizes proprietary technologies to deliver best-in-class sensitivity from solid tumor and liquid biopsy. Contact one of our experts today to find out what NuProbe can do for you.

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