Transformative molecular technologies for non-invasive cancer monitoring and biomarker detection.


NuProbe’s collaboration model for biopharma is designed to meet unmet needs for biomarker detection. NuProbe has extensive experience in the development of custom assays using proprietary technologies. Our flexible delivery options include direct services and working with partner laboratories.

NuProbe’s technologies have been used to detect genomic alterations in defined research assays and in conjunction with our research and industry collaborators. Our technologies are available beyond these defined research assays in the form of custom panels. The flexibility of our platform facilitates the design of custom solutions across numerous disease and application areas. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Assay Development Services

The process of designing a custom panel begins with a target definition including the gene(s) to be analyzed, regions of interest, and breadth of coverage. Specimen type may be relevant and can include fresh-frozen and FFPE tissue, blood, and cell-free DNA samples. Alterations detected may include single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions and deletions (indels), copy number variations (CNVs), gene fusions, microsatellite instability (MSI), and RNA expression.

The development of custom NGS panels can be completed in as little as 10 weeks.



Our technologies provide best-in-class sensitivity for a wide range of genomic alterations and are compatible with a variety of sample types, including tissue and liquid biopsy.

Blocker Displacement

Rare allele enrichment technology by PCR that enables the selective amplification and detection of low-abundant sequence variants down to 0.01% variant allele frequency (VAF).

Quantitative Amplicon

NGS-based method that utilizes unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) and highly multiplexed partially nested PCR primer design to detect mutations and copy number variations with ultra-high sensitivity.


Sample Testing

For research use only, NuProbe performs sample testing services in our research laboratory located in Houston, TX.

Kit Manufacturing

NuProbe can manufacture research use only assays as ready-to-go kits.

Clinical Trial Assay Development

NuProbe utilizes a network of CLIA-accredited partner laboratories to develop and validate Clinical Trial Assays.

Working with NuProbe

Contact us to discuss how to develop a custom solution tailored to your project’s needs.