NuProbe’s proprietary molecular technologies improve detection of oncology biomarkers including DNA mutations, gene fusions, and copy number variations. NuProbe provides research services for the rapid development of custom assays and the analysis of clinical samples to support biomarker development programs. Our highly sensitive assays are designed for biopharma to address unmet needs for non-invasive detection and monitoring.

Applications & Technologies

Quantitative Amplicon Sequencing (QASeq)

Highly sensitive detection of CNVs for non-invasive biomarker monitoring in solid tumors


  • Sample type: blood, plasma, tissue (FFPE)
  • Alterations: CNVs, SNVs, indels
  • Coverage: hotspots or complete coding sequence
  • Limit of detection:
    • CNVs down to 5% heterozygous single copy gain or loss (2.05 ploidy)
    • SNVs and indels down to 0.1% variant allele frequency (VAF)


  • Currently available: QASeq HER2+ panel
  • Custom QASeq assays in as little as 8 weeks

Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA)

Rare allele enrichment for improved detection of ultra-low frequency mutations in heme malignancies


  • Sample type: blood, bone marrow aspirate, extracted DNA
  • Alterations: SNVs, indels
  • Coverage: hotspots or complete coding sequence (70 prevalidated genes available with 80+% coverage)
  • Limit of detection: down to 0.01% VAF


  • Currently available: AML MRD panel (22-plex)
  • Custom BDA assays in as little as 10 weeks. Select hotspots and genes of interest from a list of prevalidated designs

Fusion Blocker Displacement Amplification (FusionBDA)

Detection of low-frequency known and novel gene fusions for monitoring of heme malignancies


  • Sample type: blood, bone marrow aspirate, extracted RNA
  • Alterations: gene fusions
  • Coverage: single gene with unlimited fusion parnters
  • Limit of detection: down to 0.005% VAF


  • Currently available: KMT2A-rearranged Heme NGS Panel
  • Custom Fusion BDA Panels

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Testing

Research use only (RUO), sample testing services for both custom and pre-defined assays at NuProbe’s service laboratory in Houston, TX. Clinical study options available through partnered CLIA-accredited laboratories.

  • Variant reporting
  • Flexible data output

Custom Assay Development

Bespoke oncology research assays designed based on your targeted needs utilizing one of our proprietary technologies focusing on:

  • MRD detection for heme-oncology
  • Ultra-sensitive detection of mutations and CNVs from cfDNA
  • Detection and monitoring of low-frequency gene fusions

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Kit Manufacturing

Manufacture of RUO assays as ready-to-go kits compatible with NGS or PCR.

Working with NuProbe

Visit our Custom Assays page to learn more about how our bespoke solutions, or contact us for more information