NuProbe’s Augury® Custom NGS platform is designed to build the customized oncology assay solutions your biopharmaceutical company needs. Let us know your target biomarkers by contacting our scientists, or try Augury, our easy-to-use custom panel builder tool. Panels can be built to cover either full exons or hotspot regions and detect copy number variants, insertions and deletions, single nucleotide variants, and microsatellite instability (MSI).

Custom NGS Panels

NuProbe’s Augury Custom NGS panels are tailor-made to your specifications. Your panel can be built to cover full exons or hotspot regions and detect copy number variants (CNV), insertions and deletions (indels), single nucleotide variants (SNV), microsatellite instability (MSI), and/or RNA expression. We employ a range of proprietary technological strategies depending on your needs. Our panels offer industry leading CNV detection as low as 2.05/1.95 ploidy through quantitative amplicon sequencing. If hotspots and liquid biopsy are your main goals, blocker displacement amplification, which offers SNV and indel detection as low as 0.01% VAF from cfDNA, may be more appropriate.

Start your Augury journey today by contacting our scientists, or submit your specific design through our easy-to-use custom panel builder tool below.

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    Panel type: All exonsHotspot

    Panel Type: The customized panel can cover all exons or hotspots for the selected genes of interest. Hotspots in each gene are selected according to COSMIC database. If a specific list of genomic loci is requested for the customized panel, please leave comments when requesting for quote.

    Sample type: Tissue/cellCell-free DNA
    Sample Type: All types of clinical samples can be tested, including plasma, tissues or cells. Cell-free DNA derived from plasma requires shorter amplicons, which requires more primers and thus adds to cost.

    MSI: YesNoMicrosatellite instability (MSI) results from impaired DNA mismatch repair (MMR), and the presence of MSI represents phenotypic evidence that MMR is not functioning normally. Augury can detect MSI status by simultaneously analyzing 15-30 microsatellites in customized panel.


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    Heat map

    • Homology: the number of 60 nt fragments with homologous sequence in human genome (>95% bases matched)
      Hotspots: the number of mutations with more than 1.0% total cases for the gene according to COSMIC database
      COSMIC frequency: the number of cases for the most popular mutation in this exon according to COSMIC database

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    Expected panel performance: Detects 0.2% VAF for mutations and indels, 1.94/2.06 ploidy for CNVs. Requires only 10ng input DNA. Full technical support from dedicated R&D scientists.

    • Panel type: All exons

    • Sample type: Tissue/cell

    • MSI: No

    • Number of genes in panel (max:30): 0
    • Estimated turnaround time: 3 months
    • Genes names:

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